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We've got exciting news:
BIO-BK-Set-OrganicWe are officially certified as an organic company. This means we implement rigorous standards for environmental performance and our herbal production complies with the regulations of organic farming. Of course we promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity.

Bitterkraft! Original 100 ml, 200 ml, 20 ml are organic already. The 20 ml Spray will follow shortly.

NO artificial additives, preservatives, sweeteners.

Best Buy - dare to compare prices of other bitters.

Top-rated quality for over 25 years. Made in accordance to pharmacy standards. 

• Our bestseller is BitterKraft! Original Spray - take it with you wherever you go. Keep this herbal tonic for common issues or before eating always tucked in your purse.

Only 22 % alcohol! Compare: other bitters have 50 % + alcohol.

No shelf-life of BitterKraft! Original. No refrigeration necessary even when bottle ist opened. BitterKraft! Original won't spoil if handled properly (e.g. don't drink directly out of the bottle).

• BitterKraft! Original is not just any kind of herbal extract. BitterKraft! Original's wholesome herbal formula is made according to the scriptures of Hildegard of Bingen, the famous abbess and herbalist of the 12th century. With each bottle you get time-tested herbal wisdom.

BitterKraft! Vital powder (wild-crafted and alcohol-free) is not made with just mixing up quickly ground herbs. Production is complex: Herbs are extracted in alcohol for 9 months and then dried slowly and with care. The new lot has no fillers.

• Made in Germany

• Vegan