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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Know What Goes Into Your Body

MD-webA large percentage of our products are of wild-crafted origin. We strongly believe that quality of Hildegard's products begins at the initial stage of raw materials. Therefore we invest heavily in either purchasing wild-crafted plants or growing the highest grade of herbals. 

This nature based production decreases the amount of chemical pesticides in the agricultural environment. We also provide our customers with real alternatives to overused prescription drugs. Consequently we try to lower the environmental burden associated with pharmaceutical disposal.

Additionally, we utilize a strict set of standards in the selection of raw materials for our traditional Hildegard of Bingen goods. These standards are applied to our herbal extracts and teas, to our unrefined seed oils, and to the special nutrient powders such as in BitterKraft Vital. 

With Hildegard’s traditional wisdom we are bringing plant-based wellness to the educated consumer who is looking for better options for his health concerns. We strongly believe that the responsible consumer prefers an excellent quality of life and responsible prevention, instead of looking for a quick cure for many ailments. Apart from the curative effects, Hildegard’s remedies can actually extend the human life span.