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Natural resources

Strength in Tradition

Hildegard of Bingen’s herbal remedies are based on a deep understanding of nature.

Therefore we at Gutsmiedl Hildegard Produkte know that connecting with Hildegard’s wisdom is the key to our health and our future. Studying her scriptures we learned that all is about living a more authentic, holistic life. 

Therefore we take a craftsman approach to make her herbal remedies the absolute best they can be. Our practices and tools are carefully designed to fit each particular plant. We use whole newly harvested herbs, so all their natural goodness is intact. Hildegard’s plant based active ingredients work together in perfect balance, so our body, spirit, and mind are balanced too.

Mostly we specialize in high quality liquid herbal extracts with a focus on digestive bitters and herbal tonics, and everyday health remedies. 

It is extremely important to us to support local farmers and grow many of our own herbs.
Also, many of our herbs are organic or wildcrafted. All of our suppliers meet strict standards that ensure high quality herbs.

And we want to make Hildegard’s herbal remedies more accessible for everyone. Therefore we are positioning Hildegard’s herbal products as part of a growing wellness movement, and are focused on authentic, effective plant solutions.