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Probably you have seen bitters at the bar. Often bitters are the star ingredient of any craft cocktail-making bartender’s arsenal.

As it turns out, these strange potions are actually really good for your health, too. Here on this site you will find BitterKraft! Original, a digestion-boosting, liver-cleansing, and skin-clearing bitter.

As you might know, there are five essential flavor profiles — sweet, sour, salty, savoury, and bitter. As humans we need to consume these flavors for optimal health. Centuries ago these flavors were part of the daily diet. But now, with the rise of processed food, there is an abundance of sweet and salty - but almost no bitter anymore.

We want to spread the message how healthy bitters are. And we need to spread it on social media, especial to reach a younger audience. So please check us out on Facebook and Instagram and look up BitterKraft Original.

And we would love to hear from you there. So please comment so we can spread the message about St Hildegard’s healthy bitters.